Bailey Atkinson

Bailey Atkinson

Bailey joined Harmos Horton Lusk as a law clerk in 2020 after having previously summer clerked at the firm in 2017/2018. He was drawn to the firm as he was aware of its reputation as a top corporate law advisory and home to some of New Zealand’s best commercial lawyers – he also knew that juniors were offered exceptional learning opportunities.

Here’s Bailey’s experience in his own words.


Harmos Horton Lusk is home to some of New Zealand’s top corporate lawyers and has a reputation for providing outstanding advice on difficult commercial issues and transactions. I wanted to learn from, and work among, the best.


So far Harmos Horton Lusk has exceeded my expectations. Although the work may be complex, it is not daunting when you have the full support of your colleagues.

I knew that juniors received excellent learning opportunities at Harmos Horton Lusk, however, what surprised me was that this extends beyond just sitting in on meetings - you receive real work from every level. This includes work straight from the directors. Although this demands independence, everyone in the team is willing to help you whenever needed.

So far, I have assisted on private and public M&A transactions, private equity transactions, general corporate governance and overseas investment applications and I’ve grown my skillset rapidly. 

Harmos Horton Lusk is essentially one team, so you get to work with all members of the firm on a variety of transactions.


We are a close-knit team.  Our collaborative culture means that the members of the team take the time to ensure that I understand what we are doing and why. I am always aware of the bigger picture and learning beyond the specific task that I am working on. So long as you are enthusiastic and eager to learn, you will be offered all sorts of opportunities to grow as a corporate lawyer.

The seniors take the time to learn about you and foster your talents and interests (mine is triathlon). Plus, the firm offers an abundance of social opportunities. Everyone at Harmos Horton Lusk is sociable, making these events a lot of fun.