Fletcher Boswell

Fletcher Boswell

Fletcher returned to Harmos Horton Lusk full-time in February 2020 after having worked at the firm over July/August 2019 before he went on his overseas travels. The firm appealed to him as it stood out as different from a standard commercial legal practice. His perception was that the people there were uniquely focused on helping clients solve some of the most complex legal issues with a firmly commercial approach.

Here’s Fletcher’s experience in his own words.


The experience so far has been better than I imagined. What has stood out is how generous everyone is with their time. The directors and associates will make sure you understand the background to any piece of work you’re given and always take the time to give you feedback. You’re learning from some of the top commercial lawyers in the country and are part of a team that is invested in your development and wants to see you succeed.


The level of responsibility given to me from day one surprised me.  Senior staff and directors encourage you to find solutions yourself and ask for your opinion. It means you learn a lot very quickly and feel as though your work is adding real value to the team. 

The learning curve in the first few months is steep, but you are given all the support you need. Senior members of the firm will go above and beyond to include you in projects and make sure you understand the relevant issues. Harmos Horton Lusk is unique in that you will usually be working directly with a director and getting to see how they engage with and help our clients first-hand.


Harmos Horton Lusk operates as one team, which means you work with most of the directors and associates across the firm. I really enjoy that. I’ve had the opportunity to help with M&A transactions, corporate governance and capital markets matters to date.

Because we are a relatively small team, there is a tight-knit culture, which is important to us.  The firm invests heavily in initiatives such as team lunches, drinks after work and social functions.